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ow are you going to find a tranquil space of relaxation in the bustling city that can be reached within second? SPA RELAX EOB is an essential oil blend with an exotic and uniquely pleasant aroma of oriental and tropical. By using diffuser, surround yourself with the ambient of natures treasure of phytoncide filing the air. SPA RELAX EOB bring pure relaxation of the brain and body just like having a holiday in the beautiful island of greenery.
Suitable to use on:
For everyone who wish to have an enjoyable lifestyle
Method of use:  
5 – 8 drops diffuser within 100sf area, 8 – 10 drops within 200sf area.
Feeling light and relax.
100% Natural  
High Quality   
Plant Potent Energy  
Aromatherapy Formulation  
Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears and sensitive areas. Do not use water to rinse in case of contact with the eyes, the correct way is to use any plant base oil with facial cotton to gently wipe. Keep in cool dry place, avoid direct sun exposure.